Sports bra is a woman’s best friend. It takes to all shapes and perfectly adapts to all kinds of women’s curves.More and more women are becoming aware of the need to wear a good quality sports bra.The importance of preserving the shape and good health of your bust can only be helped by wearing a sports bra. Women are now aware that breast shape retention is possible by the full support of the Coopers ligament.The common question that comes to our mind is why should women with small bust wear a sports bra, is it actually necessary for them? The answer is “Yes”. Failing to wear a supportive and properly fitting sports bra during exercise can lead to permanent breast damage even if you have a small bust.If a sports bra is not worn during exercise the Coopers ligament is put under such strain that it can stretch beyond repair.A proper fitting sports bra minimizes the movement of your chest and thereby prevents damage to the breasts.


Ideally a sports bra should be made of a fabric that wicks away moisture. They mostly have a racer back or T-back so that the straps don’t fall down and you have a wide range of movement through your shoulders.The band should be snug but comfortable, should stay in place and should not cause any kind of irritation on the skin, nor should it move around your rib cage. There should be no sign of your breast spilling out of the side of the bra, nor under the arm. Also, there should be no spillage along the neckline of the bra. The neckline part of the bra should cover the top portion of your breast to enhance support and minimize bounce. Bras with encapsulation and compression are the best option for sporting activities as these bras offer superior support, comfort, and shaping. The combination of compression and encapsulation presses the breasts to the body and gives each breast its own cup for optimal support and comfort. The straps should not dig into your shoulders. Adjustable straps are also available in some of these sports bras.


The best sports bra is one that enables you to lead an active lifestyle in comfort and with minimal chance of injury. While buying a sports bra, consider your impact level. It means that the amount of movement associated with your favourite activities is one of the main factors that helps to decide the best sports bra for you.
HIGH IMPACT SPORTS BRA means that there is a high degree of bouncing in the activity and the breast is subject to a lot of up and down stress/movement (like running, mountain biking, dance, aerobics).
MEDUIM IMPACT SPORTS BRA means there is a moderate degree of bouncing. Activities include Cycling, Weight training, Skiing, Power walking etc.
LOW IMPACT SPORTS BRA means that there is little to no bouncing. Activities include yoga, pilates and walking.


Yes, high impact sports bras offer compression and encapsulation and work the same for all breast sizes. In fact, high impact needs for larger breasted women are more critical than smaller breasted women due to the volume and weight of the breasts. If women with heavy bust do not wear a high impact sports bra during activities like running, aerobics, dancing, the chances of injuring the breast tissue is very high. If you think because you don’t have big boobs you don’t need a sports bra, think again! When exercising, unsupported breasts have serious bounce, with cups moving 1.5″ in each direction. Well-fitting sports bras for small busts cut this movement in half.The compression styles limit in and out movement, compressing breasts against the chest wall to restrict movement. Compression with encapsulation utilizes individual cups that limit total breast movement (not just in and out but side to side). While smaller busts can certainly get away with less restrictive styles, especially for low-impact activities, high-impact sports benefit from bras that keep breasts in place.So, whether you are a small or large breasted lady, when actively engaging in any level of sport, please wear a well fitted, sports bra.Sore breasts, stiff shoulders, and neck, aching back and even headaches are common with women that neglect to wear a sports bra.


Nowadays sports bra with underwire are also available in the market. Such a bra enhances encapsulation and "holds" the breast securely in place in the cup. But while buying it ensure that the underwire should feel comfortable and should be positioned right under the breast, not in contact with any part of the lower breast and not on the lower part of the rib cage where it expands. The channel in which the wire lives should be soft and offer the wire room to move as the body moves, thereby avoiding the dreaded "poke through".

Manufacturers are now designing sports bras which are multifunctional, cross many sports boundaries and enable the user to use in a wide variety of circumstances.As female shoppers purchase more athletic apparel, the rise of "athleisure" has already caused a subsequent lifestyle shift towards the sport bra. Racerback sports bra, Tank back sports bra, underwired sports bra, seamless sports bra, running bras, compression sports bra, moulded sports bra are more in demand and come in various styles, prints and vibrant colours.


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